Matt + Jessa / County Fair Engagement Magic / by Jessica Lawson


It was fate that Jessa and I meet. We have a deep communal love of thrift shops, wit, and making photo magic. So when we somehow had 5 brilliant ideas for their engagement photos narrowing it down was quite the feat. But alas, a plan was made. And we met up at the LA County Fairgrounds in Pomona, California. 

This shoot was so special to me because it was probably one of the most terrifying things to me. I am not a fan of heights. Neither was our sweet couple, and yet the heights just KEPT coming. It's such a riot because we planned all the rides (mostly) ahead of time but I never fully comprehended that we BOTH had to ride them.

Anywho, Matt and Jessa love each other, and they love to have fun with each other. They were constantly making each other laugh, taking care of each other, and having a blast the whole time. They love life. And you can see how much they love doing life together. 

Can't wait for your wedding! And to hear about your European honeymoon!!
Cheers to them!