Eric + Marissa / Urban Farm Anaheim Wedding / by Jessica Lawson


One of the proudest accomplishments of our wedding year for 2018, which I’m sure as you note the date we are a smidge behind, was this wedding for Eric + Marissa. They only hired us for 3 hours. This was all in 3 hours. And the reason this was such a success and worth bragging about on our side of the camera is because Eric + Marissa were unapologetically themselves, and you can see it. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves …

It’s honestly incredible to me the caliber of photographs we all walked away with because of the external personalities of the couple and the philosophy we hold as wedding friends/photographers/artists. As a wedding photographer you have to be able to bring out the best in people, encourage them to be themselves, and then CHEER for those selves. Cheer for their silly limes in their mouths. Cheer for the groom’s idea to use his motorcycle. Cheer for the bride’s request to document the blending of three families, not just two. Cheer for the quirks of the couple that make them unique from any other couple you’ve photographed that year. And choose to love them and celebrate them whether they are dear friends, or acquaintances.

Please enjoy your wedding day.

I’m flabbergasted how special some of these images are. To any future brides and grooms, please enjoy your wedding day. Part of how you do that is mentally prep to enjoy it. You CHOOSE to accept how things happen. You CHOOSE to enjoy the people around you. You CHOOSE to enjoy your new spouse. AND you CHOOSE to enjoy yourself. Take a moment or two on your wedding day to yourself. Take a walk. Spend time with the Lord for you Christians. Or if you’re more extroverted like me, choose some quality time with less people. Have the quiet moment so you can be present and enjoy the big moments.

Cheers to Eric + Marissa for being one of the best examples of being yourselves.