Morning Stroll with Musician Tori Fleming / by Jessica Lawson


This beautiful soul has become one of my favorite artists to collaborate with. If you’re following along my photographer journey, Tori + I went to college together. Fun fact! We actually we're in Women’s Choir together. BUT she had the voice of Adele’s angel cousin and I was really good at swaying on the risers.

Anywho, we started working together the summer after we graduated. I wanted to not just shoot weddings (still true!) and she needed some photo work. Our first collab was for a shoot for Angelic Magazine. That was fun.

Since then I’ve followed this woman through clubs and bars as she tore up Hollywood and beyond with her stunning talent + soulful lyrics.

Tori loves the Lord and His people. I will always love that she intentionally chose not to write Christian music so she could be used to reach people where the Church can’t always.

This was a very early San Diego morning where we met up, got some coffee, and strolled, caught up, and created some more social media content for Tori.

She really wanted to express more of her personality not just her rad modeling skills. But I’m pretty biased. She’s one of my favorite models. Very thankful for this friend. Enjoy our overcast morning together.

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