Ian + Lisa / You Are My Sunshine - Desert Sunset Engagement / by Jessica Lawson


This little foothills trail has become one of my favorite places to shoot in Phoenix. I’ve done at least 10 shoots here in the past year and it is different EVERYTIME. There is a lot of diversity as well as a lot of interesting levels as you walk deeper into the valley.

This first photo was taken within the first 5 minutes of the shoot. LIKE…. C’mon. It’s stunning. I would hang it in our home, but Cameron and I agreed that’s a little weird. Ha.

jessica lawson-06.png

This is Ian and Lisa. They are precious. They met at PayPal, where they both still work. They are incredibly sweet and kind to each other. I love how Lisa makes Ian’s face light up. And I love how sweet Lisa glows around him. But even more so, they are equally in love with their baby girl, Kaia as they are with each other and it is PRECIOUS. Kaia and Ian are best friends. She got her demeanor and some of her facial features from her daddy. Only Lisa and his baby girl can produce the biggest smile on Ian’s face. Please enjoy these!


Protip I learned from this shoot. If you want to bring your children to an engagement shoot, I 20/10 recommend bringing someone who can hold the baby. I am only required to bring a second shooter to *most weddings so it is not a good idea to bank that your photographer or their second shooter can be on baby or doggy duty. IF you ask ahead of time, totally fine. But try to get a friend so we can do our part in capturing romantic photos of just you two!

I will say in the last year I have held a baby in one arm while shooting with the other and it was very empowering and terrifying all at the same time. God-willing a little window into Cam and my future. But not any time soon, mom….