Austin + Cassie / Southwest Sweethearts Engagement / by Jessica Lawson


Austin Caroll is an actual cowboy. When he was young in his teen years he rode out for days if not weeks on end horseback carrying a tepee to sleep in. He has herded, rode, trained, and carried for many of these hooved friends. 
So when he met Cassie who was a competitor in the craft of horse riding you could tell there were some immediate common interests. 
These aren't just props. These are Cassie's first and second sons. And naturally Austin is a parent to them too.

We did their engagement photos just up the rode from their home in north Cave Creek, Arizona.


Austin + Cassie has this unique organic way of being themselves. Not to dismiss the uniqueness of other couples me and my camera have been honored to encounter, but Austin + Cassie have this unapologetic way of presenting themselves that I truly respect and chase after. They're humble. They're kind. And they seem to be two halves of the same heart.

What impresses me even more about them is how when they first got engaged they started planning their wedding... but they did not plan on sweet Penelope growing inside Cassie.

They wanted a party to kickoff their wedding. So they waited until baby girl was born and they planned up what I'm guessing is going to be the raddest Southwestern vibes any wedding could hope for. 

Anywho, here is their family. Here is them.