Brandon + Rachel / Dreamy South Mountain Farm Wedding / by Jessica Lawson


There is something so beautiful when a bride and groom are themselves on their wedding day.
Looking through these moments again of this rainy day in Phoenix, Arizona, I am blown away at how much Brandon + Rachel stayed true to themselves. They are sweet, funny, kind, and fun souls. They are the best of friends. And boy howdy, did they have an army supporting and cheering for them. 

Brandon + Rachel probably need to host every wedding because they really soared in this role. But partially because they both individually soar in their friendships. I'm really excited to see how they soar in their combined efforts of loving people and living life. 

From a more personal and artistic side, this wedding was such a delight to photograph because God set us up with the best lighting scenario. But also because they were comfortable with my husband Cameron and I photographing them we got to make A R T out of their moments. Which is when everybody wins. 

Little Leaf-01.png


     You have to trust your photographers. 
     Even if you just mention to me, "I'm getting a little overwhelmed with all the attention." Or even saying, "Can we take a 10 minutes off of photos, BECAUSE I need a moment?" That is so incredibly helpful. When your photographer knows where you are at, they can facilitate how to get the best from you. Sometimes that's taking a break. Sometimes it's pushing through a tight wedding day schedule so we can relax after a family photo marathon. It just depends.