Ariel + Felicia / Saguaro Lake Engagement with a Pup / by Jessica Lawson


Before I brag about this couple, I just wanted to say, I’m going to be blogging twice a week to catch up before the end of the year of the wonderful weddings, engagement sessions, AND other projects I’ve gotten to do this year.

2018 was a WILD year for my photography business.
I’ve had the most amount of weddings, clients, and just overall business. So if you’ve been eager to see yours or a friend’s wedding thank you for your patience. I’ve made a plan and I’m excited to get to share every Wednesday and Friday, starting this week!

Here we go!

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Ariel + Felicia met up with me at Songbird Coffee + Tea House. (They have an amazing spicy chai, just for the record.) And I think within the first few minutes we realized we were quite the good fit for each other.

Their relationship means the world to them. They have had to fight to be together and it’s only so fitting that they are getting married in a Boxing Gym. And I think because of how hard they have had to fight back adversities against their relationship, they have found so much joy in each other.

They are each other’s best friend and safe place.

Honestly, I think they were really happy to get to show off their love for one another because these shots are some of the purest “poses.” I may have directed them, but they led.

Sometimes I walk away from a shoot discouraged how uncomfortable a couple is with one another. I get PDA is awkward. Trust, I get it. But I really admired that Ariel + Felicia just blossomed when they were encouraged to show how much they adore each other. That’s what engagement photos are all about. You’re inviting people into a glimpse of your relationship and what makes you guys special.

Thank you guys for honoring Cameron and I with showing us your relationship, your love, and sharing your story.
Rooting for you guys!
April 13th, hurry up! <3


I think one of the best things for this shoot was hearing Ariel + Felicia share about what they didn’t like from their past photoshoots. They conveyed they felt awkward and that they had to lead the shoot. Knowing that, I spent a little extra time researching poses for similarly height couples and same sex couples, because they are my first! <3
It’s always a great idea to let your photographer know how you’re feeling. Especially if you are harder to read, or shy, or an internal processor. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at reading people on a shoot. But sometimes this is the first time we’re meeting, so it’s always helpful to not just think of us as a Sears Portrait Studio, or a robot photobooth.

We’re people too! And if you try to be our friend, I guarantee your photos will come out better.
You can tell when I care about people through my photographs. MY job is to care for each person in front of my camera. But your job is to help me do that.

Tell me your story. It matters! And it helps!
Tell me what your dreams are. Tell me what your parents are like.
It matters. It all helps form a connection between us.

Cameron and I were recently going through our favorite weddings from 2018 (so far, Josh + Taryn ;) ) And the top three couples were all people we consider friends. And 2/3 we met as photographers first.

Happy Halloween friends! Thanks for listening to this makeshift advice column. :)