Tiffany + Rick / Surprise Birthday Party Turned Surprise Wedding / by Jessica Lawson


Tiffany hit me up back in I think February saying, “I want to do something really special.”
We met, got coffee, and she told me all her dreams of pretending to have a surprise birthday party for her fiance, but actually pull a surprise wedding on their guests.

And I looked at her and said, “a thousand times yes.”
It probably wasn’t that epic. But my heart was jumping up and down.


So to have a unique wedding is even better. Until Tiffany I had never even heard of a surprise wedding.

But alas, we started planning. And here it is Rick + Tiffany’s big surprise.

One thing I’d like to note in these … the reactions of people were incredible. I love seeing the sisters that got it right away. Then how it took the moms a minute. Incredible. Please enjoy!

If you’re interested in pulling off a surprise to this calibre, then keep in mind how your close family + friends are going to react. EVERY TIME Tiffany and I chatted before the big day she made it very clear that she wanted to make sure everyone was happy about it, especially her mom. So by including their kids and parents in the ceremony was really special.

Also, for photographers, make sure you blend in. Never have I ever shot a wedding in shorts, but alas, gotta dress the part ;) Tiffany also told everyone we worked at GoDaddy together in production. I told someone before the big surprise that I was working on a commercial with Miley Cyrus. Hilarious.