Evan + Sam / Lake Havasu High School Sweethearts Wedding / by Jessica Lawson


Evan + Sam have been together since before some of you hit puberty. They were high school sweethearts, the best of friends, and they planned one of the most fun and most emotional wedding days ever. These people love their people and their people LOVE them. 

Some special things about this day was how Sam incorporated her best fur friend who had passed while they were engaged. She had the sweetest reaction when she saw his charm on her bouquet. 

They got married at a golf course in Lake Havasu, Arizona and it was HELLA windy. Like so windy I had to change into my backup dress (leggings included) and have my hair up all day. But you can hardly tell in their ceremony photos. 

Evan comes from a big and sweet and ridiculous family, ha maybe they both do. They were a HOOT to photograph, especially during the reception. This is one of the most genuine weddings I've gotten to document. There was a lot of love there. Please enjoy their beautiful day. 

What was really interesting to me was how I didn't meet Sam or Evan until their wedding day. I usually like to meet if not FaceTime before. I've had it pretty made up in my mind that to have this kind of quality of storytelling moments you have to spend quality time with couples before. But that didn't happen here. 

Honestly, on my end, I pray and ask God to help me to see people the way He sees them. 

But on the couple's end, they have to have to HAVE TO trust me. Sam let me follow her into the bathroom like 4x that day. One of those times was when she was crying about her best dog not being there. I remember changing the plan a couple times that day too, and she totally listened to me. And frankly these wedding photos are bomb. 

So if you don't get to meet your photographer before your wedding day, but you know you're going to dig them, trust them. Tell them you trust them. Show it too! Obviously verbalize and communicate what you want, but BE YOURSELF. If you're shy. Be shy. If you're exuberant, do that! Yeah lighting, angles, composition, and moments are a thing. But these photos are dope because of Sam + Evan being themselves. Enjoy your wedding day. Enjoy the heck out of it. And you will have some of the most amazing wedding photos. Show your emotions friends! 

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